Sticky Learning always begins with the song, which can be interpreted as one Unit of Study. We have included one downloadable song called "Trick to a Thousand Words." This particular song includes 45 Latin roots which, in turn, teaches potentially hundreds of vocabulary words. You can download the song here (right-click and choose Save-As). Without the lyrics, the song is first. Students must see the lyrics as they listen--every time (click here for the lyric sheet). It usually takes playing the songs a few times for students to start the memorization process. Because students are not accustomed to learning this way, the first song will need clear explanation.

Since vocabulary is only a portion of the content that a teacher covers in any given class period, it is recommended that teachers utilize the supplemental materials in conjunction with the other tasks that he/she has planned for the day's class. The activities and assignments support the work of the song; they are designed to work together like a symphony (pun intended). Word Part Posters are of equal importance to the song. When given a new song, the first assignment is always the creation of a Word Part Poster (click here). It is a fact that the more times a student interacts with the content/data, the more likely he/she is to commit that information to long-term memory. Additionally, by adding the poster activity, more learning styles are addressed. All of the work has already been compiled and created for the teacher. Each song has its own supplemental materials; what you are presented with here is a sampling of the curriculum.

Curriculum Contents //
Word Part Poster Procedures
Word Part Poster Rubric
Word Part Poster Example
List of Words Containing Each Root
Definitions Part 1
Definitions Part 2